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CBD vape oil is a concentrate that is made from the hemp plant. It is very similar to the e-cigarette in that you are vaporizing the concentrate and inhaling it into your lungs. Hemp oil Vape concentrates are unlike e-cigarettes as they do not contain any nicotine or the other harmful chemicals they contain.


Hemp is often confused for its close cousin marijuana but is in fact not cannabis at all. You can, of course, obtain CBD or Cannabidiol concentrates that are made from marijuana, but you would have to:


  • Live in a state in which it is legal
  • Find a dispensary that sells such products
  • Pay the enormous price they ask


The alternative to this is, BD with little to no THC in it that is extracted from the hemp plant. Hemp does not contain the psychoactive ingredients that could possibly get you high.elegant woman Vaping CBD


Why Would I Vape CBD, When I Can Vape Cannabis?


There are benefits for both. It really is a matter of choice. Some of the benefits of vaping CBD include, but are not limited to:


  • Faster delivery. When you inhale CBD vapors the benefits are capable of reaching your bloodstream quicker. Creating more effective relief.
  • CBD doesn’t get you high so you can medicate and remain clear headed and in control. Some people like to vape CBD during the day and THC at night.
  • CBD that is made from hemp doesn’t show up on a drug test. Giving everyone the opportunity to receive the benefits without worrying about the negative side effects of vaping cannabis, such as losing their job or getting a ticket for driving under the influence.


Isn’t CBD illegal to buy and smoke or Vape?the law


CBD is legal to purchase or consume as long as you get it from the right place.


  • Hemp is legal to grow or use in states where Marijuana is legal
  • Hemp is legal to buy and use worldwide as long as it was grown in certain parts of Europe. In these parts of the world hemp is considered a food supplement as nature intended. Everything is properly grown and tested and all the necessary legalities upheld.


Where can I buy legal CBD Vape Liquids?


That is a good question. There are a whole lot of companies that offer a Hemp Vape product. There is a vape liquid with every flavor imaginable. Most of them are for cigarette smokers but the ones that offer CBD are starting to pop up all over the place online and in smoke shops.


How to know who to buy CBD e-liqiuds from?


A good CBD company website will have documentation about their hemp and the amount of CBD that their products contain. Do your research, if you reach out to some of these companies you might be able to get a sample. You may end up trying a few different ones until you find the one that you like and works for you and you circumstances.


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