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Veterinarian Quality CBD Oil for Dogs and Cats

Weaning her off the horrendous medications & using CBD instead!

My 12.5yo bull mastiff started to develop cluster seizure about 6 months ago. After running a series of tests, the diagnosis from the veterinary is that it’s neuro-related & suspected tumor growth which is common in elderly dogs. To control her medical condition, the vet puts her on phenobarbital (long term medication) & diazepam (seizure control) but I have heard of the damage & side effects these medications have on her liver & general well being. I knew that the medications might be doing her more harm in the long run & decided to look for alternative, holistic treatment.

Eventually, I came across CBD oil which is known to work for senior dogs with medical conditions. I have heard many good reviews from other dog owners particularly for seizure related health conditions. Chanced upon Colorado CBD & Melissa has been very helpful to all my queries & requests. Since then, my dog has been on CBD oil 500mg for months & her condition seems to improve each day – noticeably less muscle twitches & spasms. She also sleeps better at night. Have started to wean her off the horrendous medications progressively & use CBD oil instead. It works for her condition & am hoping to see the 1,000mg version soon. Thanks Melissa!


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