I was introduced to CBD in April 2017. I had my total right side from my foot to my shoulder was ran over by a 1 ton pickup truck. After coming home from the hospital the pain was unbearable in my leg. My entire right side was as black and blue. In the pictures it was just day 3 so the full color had not set in yet. That is my chest By day 7 totally black and severe pain. I only have a picture of my chest. Because in the hospital the nurses and Doctors would come in and pull back the sheets and gasp. So I asked my husband what was wrong and he said nothing all looks good. I was not home 5 mins when I took that picture myself to see what the gasping was about.
I had seen about CBD on the internet and decided to order some ointment. I put the ointment on my leg and it did help it a lot. Then I decided to order the tincture.
The tincture relieved most of the pain. I was told that recovery would be a year. The doctors were totally amazed at how fast I healed and was about to go back to a normal life.
In July I was able to visit my daughter in NH. I live in Nebraska. I noticed that once I got over the accident I was walking much better. I have MS and CLL. The CBD has improved my walk 100%. I now can walk up and down stairs almost normal. Once I get up in the morning the pain is there but when I take the tincture it goes away. And I can function almost normal.
I just went to the doctor on Friday. My CLL is still there but my numbers are staying low enough that I do not need chemo at this time. I also have lung nodules several of them I get scans every 3 months. They are not growing. My breathing has improved greatly, I am not out of breath like in the past. Before CBD I had to sit up to sleep as the nodules are taking up room in my lungs. Now I can lay with just a very small prop pillow. I can’t tell you how wonderful that it to be able to lay in a bed.
I know that the CBD works for me. I was out of it for about a week and my pain and problems walking came right back. Once I started up again I was symptom free!!
The staff is so very helpful. They take the time to visit and help steer you to the right products for you personal situation. CBD has given me my life back. Thank you so very much Colorado CBD Products!