I am a Registered Nurse in Colorado.  I suffer from the effects of two fractured vertebra 9 years ago and Osteoporosis.   My recent x-ray 04/26/18 reads “Diffuse osteoporosis. Degenerative narrowing lumbosacral disc interspace.  Chronic appearing compression deformity T12.” What does this mean for me? Well, it means that I suffer with chronic back pain.

I use water exercise, yoga, weight bearing activities to slow the progression of osteoporosis doing my part in the healing.  However I really needed something to decrease the swelling and chronic pain.

I was given samples of the CBD 15 mg capsules so that I could hopefully get some pain relief. I was skeptical at first because I am not the type to try anything that links to unconventional drugs or treatment.  After my Physician encouraged me to try the CBD and my Dentist really encouraged me to take advantage of the anti-inflammation proprieties in CBD, I began in ernest taking 2-3 capsules a day. One of the capsules I take at night giving me a much better nights sleep.  I am having much less pain and feel I have found one treatment that will not effect my liver as other pain relief medications do.

I would encourage anyone with chronic severe pain to try the CBD from “Colorado CBD” which I get by ordering from Colorado CBD Products. They really worked with me in finding the correct type and dose.  Thank You!