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CBD and Pets

Just like us, our four-legged buddies produce endocannabinoids that work with a specific type of receptor that is present throughout the bodies of our pets. These receptors help regulate a variety of psychological conditions. Activating these receptors with phytocannabinoids could possible help treat the underlying issue.

This means we can treat a variety of medical problems in our pets with a non-toxic treatment.

How do I know if it’s safe for my pet?

Well if you want to know if this treatment is safe for your pet, the answer is yes. Cannabinoid treatment is safe for use in animals. Now does this mean that you can feed your dog marijuana? NO! Marijuana contains THC and it is TOXIC to animals. Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is toxic because it causes psychoactive effects leaving your pet high or stoned. This may not seem like a big deal but being stoned is much different for them often times leaving them extremely lethargic almost unresponsive. It affects your pet’s heart rate and that is why it is not at all safe for them.

Why is CBD safe?

CBD is a safe treatment for your pet. I have talked to hundreds of people on this subject and I have yet to talk a single person that told me it cause a negative effect. Now some people have told me that it didn’t seem to have any effect at all. Most of the time these people gave their dog one or two treats, didn’t see any improvement and decided it didn’t work. Some dogs experience immediate results and some need to have a buildup in their system for it to do any good. If you decide to try this type of treatment makes sure to give it some time. I would say give it a good 3 to 4 weeks to see if it will help.

What can it hurt?

Well, it cannot hurt them. The Colorado Department of Agriculture has tested and confirmed that CBD is totally safe for use in animals, so you can help soothe your dog’s anxiety with natural cannabis CBD. Just make sure that when you buy it that the company you are thinking about buying from is a reputable one. Companies are popping up all over the place claiming all sorts of things. If the product you’re looking at claims to heal anything, look for one that doesn’t. I know that sounds wrong but we just don’t have enough scientific evidence to support any such claims.

A Perfect Example For You

dog-making-the-decisionMy mother’s dog has anxiety. Not just separation anxiety but the full-blown anxiety of every sort. The poor thing. CBD treatment has calmed him down tremendously, more than anything else she has tried. He doesn’t like fireworks, thunder, strangers, other dogs, the veterinarian you name it and it makes him a nervous wreck. He still has issues I’m not saying it cured him cause it didn’t. What it did do was calm him down and he doesn’t get as upset as he used to. He doesn’t chew or scratch himself and she notices a dramatic difference when he has not taken his CBD dog treats.

I believe that if you can give your pet a better quality of life with CBD and avoid giving them dangerous medications that could hurt them, then do it. I also believe that if your pet could talk to you and help you decide, he would tell you that he wants to live life to its fullest and would choose the quality of life over being drugged up sleeping the rest of his life away. Our time with our pets is so short and they depend on us to love them and do what’s best for them.

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