Happy New Year! I hope everyone has an absolutely fabulous safe and fun new years eve and an Awesome New Year!

So, I have found myself a little down for the last few days. Really ever since I heard that the Federal Drug Administration has declared CBD a schedule one drug. The very first thing that comes to mind is, whappy-new-year-2017hat the heck? (WTF!) Here is the announcement in the Federal Register. Okay, so I have done some research and it is true. The decision made last week includes all “Marihuana extracts” that includes any extract with one or more cannabinoids that come from a plant within the Cannabis plant family. This new decision is a bit confusing, however, new research by scientists have actually found one single gene that separates Hemp from Marijuana. Now the FDA is Classifying it as a schedule one drug is turning it into a controlled substance that is illegal to possess, use or grow. Any CBD found in the US will have to be grown overseas and shipped in. Apparently, it is unlawful or illegal to even study CBD in the US. How’s that for marijuiana-29071_960_720stupid. I would even go as far as to say it “UNAMERICAN for the DEA to make this decision”.

They now have categorized Hemp as Marijuana, it, in fact, is not!

They are in fact cousins of the marijuana plant but they are not the same thing. Marijuana contains THC, CBD contains between 1 and 3% THC which make it a non-psychoactive treatment. The powers that be, have declared that CBD has NO medicinal benefits and there is a greater chance for abuse. Give me a flipping Break! There is proof that CBD has medicinal value. I see it every day! I see it on the internet helping people controlling seizure, tremors, and pain, just to name a couple of uses. As far as the abuse claim, This whole thing is pure nonsense. I would like these lawmakers to look into the eyes of a small child or anyone for that matter and tell them they can’t take the natural medicine that helps them. I can’t believe that anyone could do that. Leave it to American lawmakers to take the side of the pharmaceutical companies. pills-not-candyI have been under the assumption, and I’m sure you have heard about it but it seems that our country is in the middle of having a pharmaceutical crisis. Everyone is in pain for one reason or another and the doctors are either not giving out medications for fear of abuse or they are passing them out like they are candy! The main reason I started this blog was to help people understand what CBD is. To give people an education about the benefits of CBD and the chance to get off the medications that are destroying their bodies, their minds, and our youth! I talk with people on a daily basis that are looking for an alternative to the nastiness they are currently taking. Relief from the chronic pain. I have folks tell me every day how much it helps them or a loved one. The benefits are not exclusive to human being either. CBD has become an essential treatment for our four-legged friends that are suffering. The stories I hear and the people I talk to are all the proof that I need. I will be interviewing current CBD users in a few upcoming posts. I have never heard a negative story about the use of a CBD treatment of any kind. the-lawWould you like more information on the laws? The laws are being constantly revised and changed. If you are unclear about the laws in your state visit this site here to view the current laws in the states that have made it legal for either medical or recreational use. You might be surprised. I was even a bit surprised by the recent changes. My final thoughts are, that in their own weird way the government is really trying to look out for us. The manufacturing of these extracts can be very complicated and tricky. Really we need to have regulations in place. I have written about it in my posts about getting started. Always know who you’re buying from and make sure that they have the correct testing and analysis provided with their products so that you know what you’re putting in or on your body. It really only makes sense that this industry need to be regulated like any other so that we are getting the best possible product. I believe that one day the entire Cannabis family of plants will be legal everywhere and available to all. We will be able to trust the products we buy……..and with that being said. I a super excited to announce that you will soon be able to purchase products through this website that are totally legal. We will be carrying only top quality hemp derived CBD supplements, we will not be carrying any medications. We will carry products for both people and pets! Stay tuned! There will be an upcoming post all about the company and the products we will offer!