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Colorado is the epicenter of cannabis growth and distribution in the United States.  We at Colorado CBD Products are a Colorado based company that make all of our CBD oil products from top quality hemp grown right here in Colorado.  Our policy is to be completely transparent with our customers.  We pride ourselves on being a trustworthy company that makes trustworthy products.  We believe in our products so much that we use them daily ourselves and have testing certificates that confirm the quality of our products.  Because our inventory is small, we can focus on making our products perfect for you and your family.

Benefits of CBD Oil

CBD products are quickly becoming a staple in American homes because of their multiple health benefits. CBD is lauded for both its physical and mental health benefits. People who turn to CBD oil products for mental and physical wellness report reduced pain and inflammation, relief from anxiety and depression, healthier sleep habits, and a better feeling of overall wellness. CBD oil has even been connected with the treatment of fatal conditions such as epilepsy.

Our Products

Our CBD oils and tinctures contain, at the most, three ingredients; our high quality, organically grown Colorado hemp oil, hempseed oil, and sometimes, essential oils.  Each of our tinctures are sold in 1oz. dropper bottles and contain 500mg of full-spectrum CBD.  Full-spectrum oil contains all of the plant matter of the hemp plant, including all cannabinoids, as opposed to only CBD, terpenes and flavonoids.  When all of the components of the hemp plan work together, the product is more effective.  Our tinctures come in regular and sweet mint flavor.  A few drops under your tongue will give you the quick and effective relief you need.  And, we haven’t forgotten about our furry four-legged friends.  A dose of our organic full-spectrum CBD pet lick in their food or water will ease any pain and discomfort and will get your dog or cat on the path to living their best life.

Our CBD oil gel capsules are perfect for your daily dose of CBD when you’re on the go.  Each bottle of CBD gel capsules contain 60 capsules that are 25mg of full-spectrum CBD per serving.  CBD oil can have a pungent taste and these gel capsules provide the same benefits of our tinctures without the taste or needing to measure the proper dose.

Our Colorado CBD Organic Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract Cream is a great natural remedy to treat pain and inflammation in muscles and joints.  Within 5-10 minutes of applying our lightweight cream, you will begin to feel the pain dissipate.  The cream is safe to use for numerous applications throughout the day to treat pain and inflammation.  Our 2oz. containers of hemp extract cream contain 500mg of full-spectrum CBD. 

To purchase any of our Colorado CBD oil products and to read testimonials from our satisfied customers, be sure to visit our website at Colorado CBD Products.

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