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Colorado has been a pillar of hemp cultivation for along time and when they legalized the recreational use of cannabis almost a decade ago, entrepreneurs sought out farmers to work in partnerships hoping to establish themselves as leaders in the rapidly growing cannabis market.

Hemp has quickly become the most popular natural medicine on the market, and with the legalization of CBD nationwide, the demand is at an all-time high.  Everyday, more and more American’s try this miracle plant to combat pain, anxiety, and depression, and people continue to be amazed at how they ever lived their lives without CBD.

As the popularity of hemp oil continues to grow exponentially, more people are considering farming hemp, and it turns out, Colorado is one of the best places to grow it!

Ideal Hemp Growing Environment

Unlike the THC-rich marijuana varietal of cannabis, that needs a controlled environment to flower and flourish, the CBD-rich hemp is able to be grown in a variety of ecosystems.  The roots of the hemp plant are quite long, so they can easily find water supplies imbedded in the Earth.  Therefore, most of Colorado’s soil is perfect for growing hemp, except for its desert regions.

The high altitude and thin air don’t have a negative effect on hemp growth.  It is best to grow hemp in alkaline soil that has a minimum pH level of 6, but ideally, the pH level should be between 7 and 7.5.  Because alkaline soil is common in Colorado, find a place to grow hemp should not be difficult.

When preparing the soil for planting, the seedbed needs to be even and less than two inches deep for uniform growth.  Even though the hemp plant roots are long enough to find underground water sources, it is not enough water to keep them alive.  Since Colorado doesn’t typically receive a lot of rainfall, watering is of the utmost importance.

Hemp Product from Colorado CBD

We are proud to be a company that was born in Colorado.  From seed to sale, all of our CBD is grown, extracted, tested, manufactured and sold right here in Colorado to all of our satisfied customers.  Having the best CBD oil in Colorado is something we pride ourselves on and affords us the opportunity to provide you with the best CBD products on the market.

We have everything from CBD tinctures to treats for your pets.  You can get the best CBD oil tinctures in Colorado in either 500mg or 100mg strength and is regular hemp, sweet mint, or cinnamon flavors.  We also have CBD pet lick for your pets.  Our tinctures come in dropper style bottles for easy dosing.

Our full-spectrum CBD capsules are sold in jars of 60 capsules that contain 25mg of CBD. Our CBD capsules provide the same benefits as CBD tinctures and oils, without the having to taste the oil or the hassle of measuring the proper dosage and there is not risk of spillage.

For the best CBD oil products grown in Colorado, shop Colorado CBD products today!

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