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We, at Colorado CBD Products are a team of experts in the field of medical marijuana.  Our founder was looking for ways to assist her husband after a devastating knee replacement surgery, as well as her own, extremely painful, cervical spine fusion.  As natives of Colorado, the leader in the progressive movement of legalizing and normalizing the use of medical and recreational marijuana, they found pain relief naturally in medical marijuana.

Our Story

Our founder, Wendy, began working in a legal medical marijuana greenhouse where they also grew hemp.  It was here that she became fascinated with the hemp varietal of cannabis and all that it had to offer and determined that the benefits of hemp could be more helpful than medical marijuana.  She has been a CBD enthusiast ever since and her mission is to educate and provide people with natural alternatives to manage their pain.

Our team of experts understand the Cannabis industry inside and out, especially when it comes to the miraculous healing properties of this amazing plant that occurs naturally. We believe that the cannabis plant is the most useful plant known to man and, with that there are many more benefits to this plant that have yet to be discovered. With the many strains and varietals of the cannabis plant and the nearly 100 cannabinoids they contain, CBD what we are the most devoted to and passionate about. Because we have first-experience in the rewarding benefits of CBD, we believe that CBD is the most useful chemical in all of nature.

The Alternative to Addiction

In a day and age where the abuse of pharmaceutical drugs is higher than ever, there is a desperate need for alternative natural medicine to help those suffering with physical and mental illnesses. Prescription painkillers become addictive because painkillers affect the brain’s reward center, which increases the production and release of dopamine, a “feel good” chemical. Because painkillers effect the central nervous system, the user ends up feeling rewarding emotions such as happiness and peace. The painkillers, which are classified as opioids, attach to the receptors you have on your nerve cells, which effects both pleasure and pain. The brain wants to continue experiencing these rewarding feelings, which can lead to addiction.  Because CBD, unlike the other commonly known cannabinoid THC, does not have any psychoactive effects, those same nerves that are affected by opioids are not stimulated.  Because the brain’s reward system isn’t being stimulated, CBD is not an addictive substance.

We believe that anyone can benefit from CBD therapy and that people deserve access to education and options when it come to making the best decisions for their health.  Without access to education, people will be less likely to try it.  We have made it our mission to provide the necessary education and affordable, all-natural products so that CBD can be accessible to everyone who wishes to embark on the holistic journey toward total body wellness.

To shop our full collection of all-natural CBD products directly from Colorado and to learn more about the benefits that CBD can have for you, click here to read more!

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