img_1447My Name is Wendy and Welcome to Colorado CBD!

I am so glad that you found Us! If your anything like me you have been searching for this site for a long time! A place to get information that you can understand, from someone who understands! We need an alternative, something that provides relief and doesn’t make you feel bad.  A way to help yourself or someone that you love, it may even be a pet  you love that is suffering.

I want to explain the things you need to know in a way that everyone can understand. I want to help you figure out if this is a treatment that will work for you or if its not right for you. Maybe you are currently doing exactly the right thing for you, but maybe its time for a change. These are among some of the answers me and my friend want to help you answer.

I started learning about Cannabis and its benefits when I began searching for a way to help my husband, who had a knee replacement at the young age of 40. I soon followed a few years later with a cervical spine fusion. Pain became a way of life and I had to find a way to help! I found Medical Marijuana and WOW did it change my life forever!

In between my husbands surgery and mine I got a job in a large commercial LEGAL medical marijuana greenhouse and continued to work there for several years. I learned just about everything about this amazing plant. We also grew hemp which really became my main interest. Hemp can help so many more people than marijuana can. I have since become a CBD enthusiast

Colorado CBD was founded by myself and a group of Colorado natives friends that have worked in the cannabis industry for many years and just happen to know a little something about the subject at hand, that’s why we decided to call ourselves Colorado CBD. We understand the Cannabis industry and we also understand the healing properties of this marvelous plant that the earth has provided to us. We believe the cannabis plant to be the most useful plant known to man. The possibilities of the plant are endless. There are many strains and varieties and CBD is the part of the cannabis industry we wish to focus on. We believe it to be the most useful chemical in the plant. Having seen the results and the help that it provides those in need.

We live in a difficult age where pharmaceutical drug abuse is at an all-time high, we believe in the power of nature and her ability to help these people. We also believe that it can help the sick and injured, the depressed and those with PTSD. We believe that anyone can benefit from CBD therapy including children, pets, the elderly and everyone in between. People need to have this information so that they know what it is and can make an educated decision as to whether or not it is right for themselves or their loved ones. We know that if you don’t understand it, you will never try it, so If you would like to learn about CBD and its beneficial properties then stick around read as much information as you need and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out and ask us a question and don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on all the latest in CBD news available.


I would also like to take the time to thank my amazing mother who has always believed in me, I could not do it without her support! A big thank you to husband for putting up with me all these years, my amazing intellegent adult children, my dogs Molly (RIP) Sienna (pictured on the left) and Shasta, my daughters hairless Chihuahua. You are the reason I get up every morning!







My amazing partner Melissa and her story:

I started in this industry over 7 years ago, my background originally was in accounting and customer service. I was a branch operations manager for a window and door company for over 18 years until I feel I was offered a chance of a lifetime help someone start up a CBD company.

I learned this business in every way possible, from manufacturing, sales and technical l support I spent those years learning everything I possibly could. I was completely amazed at the results myself and our customers were receiving. I was fortunate to meet Wendy at this company and we became fast friends and built up a great working relationship. So, when I decided to try to go out on my own she of course was the only person I could see myself being in business with.

Between the two of us we offer everything needed to grow a business. We both have the same goals which is to help as many people as we can by using our 100% organic Colorado CBD which I can say is the best on the market. I stand behind our products and CBD in general, I have witnessed miracles and life altering changes in people. I feel blessed everyday that I wake up with a new opportunity to help new people and their pets change their life by adding CBD to their daily regimens.


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