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10 CBD Treats (That Are Better Than A Belly Scratch) For Your Dogs

The ever-growing CBD industry has now entered a furrier market – pets. Nowadays, there is an abundance of choices out there, which as a buyer, can only cause nerves, questions, and likely, doubt.

As CBD advocates, we want to eliminate these jitters and offer friendly advice on where you can get your pet the best quality CBD products. Your pet deserves to experience all the goodness that CBD holds (even if you don’t know where to find them…by the end of the blog, you will)!

So, we went and compiled our list of Top 10 CBD products for dogs! We’ve scoured the internet long and hard to only include top-rated, high-quality (and importantly, tasty) products. We’re splitting this list into 3 categories with an extra bonus at the end.

Read on and find the next best CBD treat for your pet!


CBD Hemp Oil Pet Lick

Oils are very easy to incorporate into your dog’s diet! Add the recommended amount to your dog’s bowl of food, and voila!





CBD Hemp Oil Pet Lick

Organic Colorado CBD Full Spectrum Pet Lick – We’re not afraid to say it. Our oil is one of the best out there. Given its 100% organic, non-GMO and kosher, you’re assured there are no nasties, just goodies in this bottle.



Organic hemp oil for pets
Organic Hemp Oil For Pets – For The Anxious Little Guy or Gal! Another great brand when it comes to giving your dog CBD. They know what they’re talking about—looking for a safe and secure way to give your CBD? Their pipette has clear mL markings on it, so you can be precise on the dosage.



Petly offers a wide variety of strengths

Petly – One thing we haven’t yet touched on in our blog posts is the different strengths of CBD. However, Petly offers a wide variety of strengths, so you’ll find a strength that works perfectly for your pet’s needs!






A very Happy DOg

All pets love treats. Try and tell us otherwise. Thus, it was only right that we make you a list of the best CBD dog treats out there.




pet hemp cdb dog treats

Pet Hemp CBD Dog TreatsPetly CBD. We’ve mentioned them before for a reason. Their hemp is of excellent quality with unrivaled processes (perhaps apart from ours), and their products are of exceptional quality. Petly doesn’t skip steps. They probably love your pet as much as you do!


Skin Health & Allergy Support Chews For Dogs

Skin Health & Allergy Support Chews For DogsCharlotte’s Web. Their hemp-infused products come targeting a variety of health aspects. Be it skin health or hip and joint, Charlotte’s Web has your dog covered. They also include a great variety for senior dogs!



CBD Dog Treats

CBD Dog TreatsExtract Labs. With a 60-day-money-back-guarantee scheme, what’s stopping you from trying these delicious doggy treats? Human-grade CBD treats, so delicious that you could eat them (although we recommend leaving them for your furry friend)!






Gels & Balms

Just like us, our pets deserve a bit of pampering! Why not pamper them to all-natural CBD products that will work wonders for all!






Earth Animal Zen Pen

Earth Animal Zen PenEarth Animal. This gel is as cool as it sounds. Easy application for astounding results. Every pet who suffers from health conditions deserves a daily dose of zen.





pet hemp balms

Pet Hemp BalmsColorado Hemp Honey. Apply this no-touch balm to your pet’s skin, be it dry from the weather or raw from running around, and see instant results in just a few days! Made from 100% natural ingredients, the mix of botanicals and hemp in this balm is an all-rounder when it comes to pet care.



pet cbd paw balm

Pets CBD Paw BalmSocial CBD. Soothes dry and cracked paws and noses. It’s also lick-safe so if ingested by your pet, there’s nothing to worry about!





We said 10 products, and we stand by what we say! Below is a special bonus just for your furry friend.

*Drumroll, please!*

Soothing Suds CBD Shampoo

Soothing Suds CBD Shampoo

You wouldn’t put anything on your hair without checking it was safe. Well, it’s the same for your pet’s fur. Soothing Suds (aside from a great name) is a product that is all-natural and kind to the skin. Expect a shine like never before!
They say:
💦 Moisturizes the skin and hair
🐶 Helps reduce itching and inflammation
🙌 Paraben-Free
🌱 100% THC Free
🐶 CBD derived from US-grown hemp

There you have it, our top 10 CBD products for your pets! As always, remember to check the seller’s ingredients, reviews, and recommendations (they vary). Give them a try and see a transformation in your pet’s wellbeing!

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