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What if you found out there was something out there that was unlike anything else you’ve tried? Something that may help relieve your pain naturally and was available without a prescription, would you try it?

We Are a Small Collaborative Group of Individuals That Have a Passion For Helping Those Seeking Cannabidiol Information and Treatments

All our products are made from the finest Colorado Grown Hemp and handcrafted right here in Colorado. We care about our customers and take the quality of our products very seriously. We understand your looking for a CBD product you can trust.

Colorado CBD Products

Here at Colorado Cbd Products, we have tested and used all of our products for ourselves, friends, pets, and family. We believe our CBD products are superior to others and hope that we can help you discover the miraculous health-promoting benefits of CBD.

Tinctures and Oils

Cannabidiol Oil Tinctures are great because they provide a faster delivery than ingesting it by means of a capsule or an edible. We have found that most people actually don’t really mind the taste of the oil. The taste can be best described as earthy. It really is a personal preference as to what delivery method you’re going to use.


CBD Edibles

This is a great delivery system for everyone. If you don’t like taking pills or capsules then you can just eat a piece of candy and get your Cannabinoids that way. Edibles are usually flavored with something like peppermint so that you don’t taste the oil as much as you would with Oil delivery.  We want the medicine to stay in your mouth as long as possible to achieve the best absorption.

CBD for Your Pets

Our Products are safe and amazingly effective for your four legged friends. Our pet products, just like our people products are all natural, organic and thoroughly tested. We believe in the power of our products to help keep your pets healthy and active for as long as possible.

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